More Sales, More Profit, More Confidence! Let's Go!
Are you tired of letting customers go, only for them not to come back?
Yep.... I was too!
Are you tired of having to having to give away gross profit just to get deals done?
There is a better way!
Have you heard these?
I’m not buying today… This is the first place I’ve been… Your price is too high… That’s not enough for my trade in… I need to speak to my spouse… I need to go and have a look at other vehicles…

The list goes on… 

Are you confident in what to say every time in these situations and more, without using the same line over and over again, or without giving away money?

Maybe you’re confident, but you’re not getting the results…

Sales aren’t lost by a few dollars, but a few words. Either you didn’t say enough of the right things, or you said too much wrong.

Every customer is so different, so you need an artillery of closing techniques and objection handing techniques to know what to say in every situation.
What's Included
In my 25 part video course, the Closing Academy, I outline the biggest objections we all face and how to have an artillery of techniques to overcome them without build pressure or manipulating your customers.
Lesson #1:
Closing Academy Introduction
Lesson #2:
Core Closing Principles
Lesson #3: 
4 Steps To Overcoming Objections
Lesson #4:
Assumptive Closes
Lesson #5:
"I Just Want To Think About It"
Lesson #6:
"I'm 3 Months Away..."
Lesson #7:
Spouse Objection
Lesson #8:
Accountant Objection
Lesson #9:
"I Need To Look At Other Cars"
Lesson #10:
"I Want A Better Price" 
Lesson #11:
Trade In Objection
Lesson #12:
Have Confidence In The Trade In Price
Lesson #13:
Finance Office Objections 
Lesson #14:
More Than I Wanted To Spend 
Lesson #15:
How To Negotiate
Lesson #16:
Last Chance Closes
Lesson #17: 
The $650 Method
Lesson #18: 
The ATRAPT Method
Lesson #19:
The ATO Close
Lesson #20: 
The Half Half Close
Lesson #21: 
Pricing Up The Car
Lesson #22: 
"I Just Want Your Best Price"
Lesson #23: 
"I Still Want To Think About It"
Lesson #24: 
Doing A Better Job Upfront
Lesson #25: 
"I'm Not Test Driving Today"
Meet Dave
Dave is an internationally recognised Sales and Marketing Coach with more than 19 years experience in the automotive industry.

Dave started his career as a sales cadet at Suttons Holden in Sydney back in 2001 and quickly became one of Australia’s youngest General Sales Managers, before moving to the role of National Sales Trainer for Mitsubishi Motors Australia and then starting his own training company. 

He is the author of the best selling book 100 Days of Sales Greatness and is the founder of the Sales Hustlers car salesman movement which has more than 14,000 members from 11 countries and runs a yearly conference “Hustle & Grind” with more than 500 attendees each year in Orlando Florida.
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